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2 Hour MaDnEsS SaLe (July 13)


July 13th. 2-4p.m EST


Luxury Virgin Bundles $39.99 (12"-24). + $15 for longer

  • No minimums required 

Faux Mink Lashes $0.80

  • 50 MOP

Mink Lashes (Human Hair blend) $1.50

  • 25 MOP

Premium Siberian mink 25mm Lashes (9.99)

  • No Minimums required

XPression 82" Braiding hair (ALL COLORS) $2.55

  • 25 MOP


*Please note there are minimums for some items

* Lashes, Braiding Hair, and Bundles will receive 3 separate tracking number as we have 3 different departments packing and shipping Items

*Please note due to high Volume sale Items typically ship out in 7-10 business days. Shipping policy Here.

* Sale Items are final price, please select the correct items!!!